A Photo For Orson

A Photo For Jeff

This is the only cloud I could find……but the fog is rolling, rolling, rolling….


11 thoughts on “A Photo For Orson

  1. Wow. Pindy, that is tile?? I can imagine how much work that was. Glad you like Mauve Binchy–is she new to you? She died a year or 2 ago so sadly we won’t get anymore.

      • It’s amazing that you could tell you hadn’t read it. I don’t remember book titles that well & often can’t tell until I get into one & then it hits me that it’s a repeat. Good for you!

      • If I read the first page I can tell, if I am not transported back into the scene of the book, I haven’t read it. That is the only way I can tell. My library keeps a record and I could look it up on my computer but I never do that, lol!

      • Very clever about the library record. By the time I finish a book, I can’t recall how it started exactly. With ‘Sense of an Ending’, I had to go reread part of the beginning.

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